Securing 5G Spectrum For American Taxpayers & Consumers

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has a critical opportunity to increase the capacity for faster and more reliable internet by freeing up the 3.7 to 4.2 GHz Band (mid-band, or “C-Band”) for internet services. The FCC has already freed up spectrum for 5G use, but higher bands don’t carry internet as far, and lower bands can’t easily be reused. C-Band spectrum is in the middle, giving consumers a “sweet spot” of internet access that reaches farther and stays reliable even with multiple users at once. Repurposing C-Band spectrum for mobile broadband deployment would help America win the race to 5G, as other countries study repurposing their own mid-band spectrum for internet use.

A coalition of foreign satellite companies formed the C-Band Alliance (CBA) in hopes to convince the FCC to give up its obligation to protect taxpayers and allow them to monetize publicly-owned C-band spectrum through private sales. Not only does the private-sale plan divert billions proceeds owed to the U.S. Treasury, but the lack of transparency would likely tie up deployment of 5G in litigation.

These satellite companies paid nothing for the spectrum which they now are trying to monetize for billions of dollars. The spectrum was given to them, free of charge, by the United States for the benefit of the U.S. public. The proceeds of any sale of this spectrum belong to the U.S. taxpayer.

CBandFacts.org is an effort to educate citizens and public officials about the necessity to ensure that taxpayers are compensated for the spectrum through a proper and transparent FCC auction. Through editorials, blog postings, media and legislator outreach, CBandFacts.org will
act as a clearinghouse for the issue.